Applet-based Demo
Iconic Programming Software Tool
The Iconic Programming applet allows you to write full programs using flowcharts. The flowcharts
can be automatically converted into higher-level programming  languages such as JAVA and Turing.  
Detailed instructions are available with the download.  When using the applet, click on a coloured
item when in doubt.
Launch applet
Note: In order to view the applets, you may need to have the JAVA plug-in installed on your machine.  
If you are installing JAVA SDK (for program development), the plug-in should be part of this install
(e.g. part of the CD that comes with your textbook).  If you do not need the SDK, the JRE is sufficient
to run the applet (and a much smaller download).
Choosing a Cell-Phone Plan -- Data Collection
Thinking Tools for Mathematics
Compare the costs of three different cell phone plans for various monthly usages.  Collect and plot
data points before comparing them against the expected linear relationship.  Then, analyze the
lines/linear relationships in the next applet.  Lastly, begin to explore quadratic relationships in the
final applet.
Choosing a Cell-Phone Plan -- Lines and Intersections
Rectangle Areas
Gesture Friendly Interface Demo